Purple Patron is a busking duo of lifelong friends Ronald Woudenberg and Patrick van Zandwijk. The duo have been making music together in various forms for over 10 years. From livestreams on Instagram to touring through Europe in a camper-van, Purple Patron is all about sharing the joy of music

More about the acoustic duo


Ronald Woudenberg is 1/2 of Purple Patron. A very talented musician that started making music when he was just eight years old! Ronald got a couple degrees in music for his Trombone-playing. Besides playing trombone he’s also a skilled bassist and pianist. 
In the band Ronald main instruments are the acoustic bass and backing vocals. But don’t be fooled, because he takes the duty of lead vocals as well to switch things up every now and then.
Besides his main instruments he also recruits his Melodica and Kazoo when performing live to expand the soundscapes of Purple Patron. When recording in the studio Ronald also plays lead-piano and makes sure there is some crazy good rhythm section to the songs by playing shakers and the Cajon. 
Recognisable by his thick beard and big smile his energy, passion and love for music shines through at every performance! 
Want to know more about Ronald? Check out his official music website.


Patrick van Zandwijk is the other 1/2 of Purple Patron. He started playing guitar at the age of twelve. While the guitar is his main instrument he grew interested in different ways to form his soundscapes through other string instruments. While mainly rocking a Taylor 110CE he also plays the ukulele, mandolin, banjo and resonator for Purple Patron.
His love, passion and taste in music came mostly from his father, who plays piano, organ and guitar. Patrick has been writing solo music for almost ten years and is currently professionally known as TuskHead.
In the band Patrick takes the role of lead vocalist and guitarist. Besides singing, playing guitar (and other string-instruments in their recordings) he also utilises his trusted blues-harp to give that country/bluegrass twang to their performances. 
Recognisable by his bad jokes and his flood-fedora, you’ll always be able to feel the passion and fun through every performance.
Want to know more about Patrick? Check out his official TuskHead website.